Packing Your Bags

Strict security measures are in place in airports regarding what you can and can’t take on board the plane. Before you go, you can check out the Travel SECURE website for info about customs and quarantine when flying overseas.


Carry on luggage

There are restrictions on what you can take on board the plane with you in your carry on luggage.  Any liquids, gels or aerosol products (such as toiletries) must be in a container no bigger than 100mL each, and kept within a small, clear, resealable plastic bag.  Containers bigger than 100mL, even if they have 100mL or less in them (like sunscreen, or a perfume or aftershave bottle), will be confiscated – make sure you carry these in your check-in luggage.  You will need to present your plastic bag of liquids separately through the security screening process.

Think about packing any duty free liquids or aerosols in your check-in luggage (but keep the receipt with you), as there are no guarantees that you can take it on board the plane – if it doesn’t pass the screening process,  you will be asked to surrender it.

A security screening officer’s decision is final, and getting upset or angry will not help at all.  If you get aggressive, you may be told that you cannot board the plane, so it’s best to make sure that you know the rules before you pack your bags.

Medications and Prescriptions

Travelling with medications? You should take a letter from your doctor stating that the medicine is for your personal use, what it is, and how much you will be taking (make sure you take enough medication for the whole trip). Before you go, you should find out if your medication is legal in the countries you are visiting – you can discuss this with your doctor.

It might be a good idea to take a copy of your glasses/contact lens prescription, just in case.