Modifying your Car

Before you go ahead and make modifications to your car, make sure that they are within the legal guidelines and limits.  Some modifications, such as those varying the standard shape of the vehicle, replacing the standard engine or extending or altering the chassis in any way may need the approval of the Transport section of the Department of State Growth (you find more information and a copy of the modification approval forms here).

Modifications like replacing your engine (like for like), installing an LPG system or replacing your car seats may not need prior approval, but they will need to the inspected and certified that they meet the correct standards.

You won’t need approval or certification for some modifications like window tinting or changing to after-market wheels, but you still have to stick within the acceptable guidelines. For example, there are laws in each state of Australia regarding the acceptable level of window tinting on your car – window tinting companies in your area will know about the guidelines, or will be able to advise you if you plan to do it yourself.

Make sure you make modifications within the guidelines, or you risk getting a Defect Notice put on your car by Police or Transport Inspectors –  you’ll have 28 days to fix the problems, or risk having your car registration suspended or cancelled.