Driving and Getting Distracted

Getting distracted doesn’t take much – it is ultimately the driver’s responsibility to avoid distraction.

Being distracted could cause you to wander out of your lane, misjudge a gap in traffic or react slowly to a situation.

While “distraction” is not an offence, there are still distraction-related offences drivers may commit.

Using your mobile phone while driving, either talking on the phone or texting is a distraction, and is an offence.  You will gain demerit points and cop a hefty fine if you are caught.

If you have a TV or DVD player in your car, you can not use it at any time that the car is moving or stationary (but not parked) if the driver can see the screen from the normal driving position, or if it is likely to distract another driver.

The unit can be used as a navigational device only, if that feature is available, but only if it is a part of an integrated system of the car, or otherwise secured to the car with a mounting bracket.