Becoming independent from your parents

Independence – “grown up” things like Centrelink, Medicare and banking.

There will come a time where you are thinking about becoming independent from your parents.

Your relationship with your parents may be a bit rocky and you are choosing to leave home or you may have been kicked out of home. You may also need to move away from your parents for work or study, or it may just be time to move out.

Becoming independent can be a big step and we’ve identified some services that can help you.

  • Contact Centrelink. They are there to help you become financially independent.
  • Social workers can refer you to services that can help you. If you are under 18 or still at school it is a good idea to see a social worker through school or at your local youth centre.
  • Get your own Medicare card. You will need this to see doctors and access health care.
  • Get a bank account that is only controlled by you. You need to have access to and control of your money.

If you are under 18 years of age and experiencing difficulties at home that make you unable to stay within your family home you should seek assistance from Centrelink.

You may need additional assistance from a social worker for you to be assessed for special benefits and any other assistance available. A social worker will assess the risk and whether or not there are any alternative living arrangements that could be utilised.