Some women face the situation of having an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy.

Abortion is also known as Termination of Pregnancy, which refers to the procedure that ends the pregnancy.

Termination of pregnancy in Tasmania can be accessed up until 16 weeks into the pregnancy, but after that time two doctors need to certify that the continuation of the pregnancy would be against the physical or mental wellbeing of the woman.

A woman should never feel pressured to have a termination. If you and your partner are considering a termination, you both should speak with a GP.  When you and your partner talk to the GP, the GP must discuss all options for continuing or terminating a pregnancy with you, or refer you to someone who will.

For further information about all pregnancy options you can also contact Family Planning Tasmania or the Hobart Women’s Health Centre.  Neither organisation provides terminations, but they can talk through all options for continuing or terminating a pregnancy.

The emotional experience concerned with the termination of a pregnancy can be very difficult for both men and women. You can seek help from organisations such as Headspace and Family Planning Tasmania to discuss your rights and feelings about a termination of pregnancy, and for advice about how you can support your partner through this time.