Safe Sex

Safe sex practices are essential to protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections (STI) and unplanned pregnancy. This includes using condoms to limit STI transmission and contraceptives such as the pill to prevent pregnancy.

You should not take risks with your health. If someone is refusing to use protection it is your right to say no. Safe sex is a part of consensual sex.

It can be difficult to talk to people about sex however Family Planning Tasmania have a number of resources to help you navigate what can be a confusing or confronting topic.

As well as running a clinic, Family Planning Tasmania can provide you with fact sheets and pamphlets. You can call them on 03 6273 9117 (Hobart), 03 6343 4566 (Launceston) or 03 6431 7692 (Burnie), or send an email to

Check out the RASH Decisions website produced by Family Planning Tasmania especially for young adults looking for somewhere to find information about sex and sexual health.