Sexual & Gender Identity

Not everyone is attracted to someone of the opposite sex and this can initially be a confusing and scary time.

Some people are attracted to people of the same sex and some are attracted to people of both the same and the opposite sex – someone who feels this way may be gay or lesbian or bisexual.

Other people may feel their gender doesn’t match their body, or that their gender isn’t conventionally male or female – it may be that someone who feels this way is transgender or intersex.

It is not legal for someone to discriminate against you because you are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or intersex, and it is certainly not OK for them to bully you because of this. If this is happening at school you need to tell your parents, a teacher, the principal or someone you trust to share the information with.

If you are confused about your sexuality or gender, or you have questions about how you feel, contact Working it Out.

If you are being bullied or harassed at work you need to tell a supervisor, or you can contact Worker Assist or the Anti Discrimination Commission for help on what to do.