It is important to remember that contraception is the responsibility of both people in a sexual relationship.

Contraception is not just about preventing unwanted pregnancy, it is also about protecting you and your sexual partner from sexually transmitted diseases (STIs).

Contraceptive options such as the contraceptive pill and the withdrawal method will not protect against sexually transmitted infections – only condoms will.

If you knowingly and dishonestly have unprotected sexual intercourse with someone knowing that you have a sexually transmitted disease, this may remove their consent and you may have committed an offence.

Condoms are available without a prescription from pharmacies, the supermarket and sexual health clinics. Condoms can also be sent to you free of charge through Family Planning Tasmania if you text your full name, address and age to 0488 492 443.

Make sure the use by date is current, and keep condoms in a cool, dry place as they can lose their effectiveness if exposed to heat.