Do you need a lawyer?

Sometimes you can avoid future problems if you get some legal advice early on. Many small problems have become big problems because someone has simply hoped the problem would go away.

(Laws can be different in every state and territory – if you live interstate and need legal advice, or your legal issue involves a different state or territory, always seek advice from a lawyer in that state or territory).

Community Legal Centres

Community legal centres are free of charge, and operate to help those who may not be able to afford the services of a private legal firm.  There are many community legal services throughout Tasmania, all of who are able to give you free advice on many different areas of law.

Check out the website of the  National Association of Community Legal Centres for a community legal centre who you can ask for help – if they themselves can’t help you with a problem, they will be able to point you in the direction of another service who can.

Legal Aid

You can contact the Legal Aid Commission of Tasmania telephone advice line on 1300 366 611.

Legal Aid is a legal service that is also free of charge, and can provide advice through their telephone advice line and face to face appointments.

Legal Aid are also able to provide free legal representation for a client who needs to attend Court (either with the provision of a Legal Aid lawyer, or by providing a grant to a private lawyer) for family law matters, family violence, criminal law, mental health and disability matters.

Legal Aid Commission of Tasmania are also able to help with advice and minor assistance for people with financial issues.

Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders

The Tasmanian Aboriginal Community Legal Service is a legal service that provides free advice and assistance, legal education and information.

Private Lawyers

A lawyer who works in a law firm is known as a private lawyer.  If you ask a private lawyer for help, you will be agreeing to pay their fees and charges to take on your case.  You can ask them up front how much they charge, and sometimes they may be able to estimate how much money their help with your matter will cost.

Depending on your legal matter and if you meet the eligibility criteria, a private lawyer will be able to help you apply for a Legal Aid grant to help pay for their fees and charges.

You can search for a private lawyer or law firm on the Law Society of Tasmania website – you can search by name, location or by areas of practice.